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Paroles de Nobody Should die Alone de Bastian Baker

Nobody Should die Alone est une chanson de Bastian Baker pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis le 28/10/2012.

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If you think that your end is near
When your headache is worse than any passed year
When the only feeling left is fear
All drive to escape disappeared

Nobody should die alone, make a wish before you're gone
And ask your old friends to share the past before the end

Had a great life, but stayed unknown, unknown.
Everyday spent waiting for the ringing of a phone
Or some visit to flavor your blending days, bland day.
Seems like the sky has turned grey


Take the step, push the door,
And if you fall don't lie on the floor
Memories in pictures they're hanging on the wall
Don't wait for the others to come
Coz they can't see what you've become
You're speaking slowly, slowly rotting
Did I just see an angel pass above you're head?


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