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Paroles de Not Over You de Gavin DeGraw

Not Over You est une chanson de Gavin DeGraw pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 14/06/2011.

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Dreams, that's where I have to go
To see your beautiful face anymore
I stare at a picture of you and listen to the radio
Hope, hope there's a conversation
Where we both admit we had it good but
Until then it's alienation, I know, that much is understood
And I realize

If you ask me how I'm doin' I would say I'm doin' just fine
I would lie and say that you're not on my mind
But I go out and I sit down at a table set for two
And finally I'm forced to face the truth
No matter what they say, I'm not over you
Not over you

Damn, damn girl you do it well
And I thought you were innocent
You took this heart and put it through hell
But still you're magnificent
I I'm a boomerang doesn't matter how you throw me
Turn around and I'm back in the game
Even better than the old me
But I'm not even close without you


And if I had the chance to renew
You know there isn't a thing I wouldn't do
I could get back on the right track
But only if you'd be convinced
So until then


Not over you
Not over you

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