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Paroles de Pilot de 50 Cent

Pilot est une chanson de 50 Cent pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 26 mars 2014.

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Me, I'm like a pilot
G5 Jet I'm fly as shit
You cannot deny it
Oh no, no no no

Bitches be on my dick
Designer threads, I'm fly as shit
You cannot deny it
Oh no, no no no

Better back up off me bitch watch me ball (ball) (x4)

Nigga every law and every rule I break
Feds are trying to watch the moves I make
Everyday I get birthday cake
There's a hundred racks there in that safe
Hundred grands there on that plate
I ain't thinking 'bout catching no case
Thinking my safe house super safe
I zip zippers I don't tie no lace
Tom Ford, YSL, nigga, run and tell
I'm fly as hell
Big Bentley, Mulsanne
No LP, just two songs
A-side, B-side
Rider gang, bitch, that's right
From N.O. to N.Y
I got shooters bitch, don't act cute and shit
We was born broke, no silver spoon
My niggas strapped, they super goons
These niggas here kinda soft
We get the bread, then fuck it off
Get mo' money, then fuck it off
Make yo' bitch wan' suck me off
We ain't had shit, we learned to ball
Them ghetto bitches they love us all


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