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Paroles de Reaching For The Stars de Drew Deezy

Reaching For The Stars est une chanson de Drew Deezy pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 27 janvier 2011.

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There's a dying breed of realest why they searching
They listen to the fake so the real they ain't hearing
I always been a gangsta so I ain't shit that I'm fearing
I been through it all something I should be teaching
Gotta lil son more reason why I'm reaching
I already got money but I'll tell u what I'm seeking
To show the whole world I'm one of the realest breathing
454(better get it right) more than black and white eating
I know it's a long road u gotta stay on it
Success comes to those who really want it
So I stretch my arm and reach for the moon
Cause lord knows I was born wit a dirty spoon
When I was a kid I used to wish upon a star
None of it came true the reason I go hard
I see the vision clearly we got this far

I come from the bottom so the stars is the limit
I'm true to myself so I'm far from a gimmick
Hating ass niggas jealous of they way I'm livin
Rags to riches I believed in my vision
Hated by many confronted by none
Respected by all cause the use of a gun
I speak of the pain I speak of the bubble
I stay so hungry yet so humble
Heart so solid that I made it through the struggle

I had to give my people something to trust in
I rep Asian and Polynesian
They say we couldn't do it so I'm here I ain't leaving
Gotta prove them wrong drew deez is the reason
Ima push hard every breath that I'm breathin'
I'm reaching for the stars cause my dream I believe in

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