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Paroles de Rear View Mirror de Mya, Sean Paul

Rear View Mirror est une chanson de Mya, Sean Paul pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis le 18/04/2011.

Les paroles de Rear View Mirror ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est possible qu'il y ait toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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I'm packing all the bags, and hell about it here
I don't know this way I'm going
But it's far away from here
Said I'm filling up my tank, adjust my radio
Got my dollars in my pocket, ... the wind blows
Now go, just go, I'm ready, I'm ready

In my rear view mirror I don't see nothing once more
Everything's much clearer and I push that metal into the floor
I gotta go, go, oho, oho, uh
I gotta go, go, oho, oho, uh

Not a care in the world, ... in my ride
And even though I'm all alone
Feels like I'm flowing on cloud night
See I'm stepping on the gas and gonna press rewind
All the things that held me back I'm leaving them all behind
I'm sure I want more, I'm ready, I'm looking, looking in the


... the woman know what she want
Think I tell what the ...
Think I tell you ... people...
She's a shining star, looking at the rear view mirror in the car
... and tell you from start
But they not take in, ...move stop
Never look down the road never played her part
Says she look another one ...
She wants to get everything sort out
... she's leaving all you heart broke
And giving it to the beat boy steppin'
... pipping, ready when them girls them...


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