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Paroles de Rehab (Amy Winehouse) de Future

Rehab (Amy Winehouse) est une chanson de Future pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 28/08/2013.

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Drinking lish smoking clish, taking molly's on, molly's on
Uhhh, R.I.P that Amy Winehouse
Drinking lish smoking clish, taking molly's on, molly's on
Yeah, R.I.P that Amy Winehouse
Yeah I need to go to rehab, I need to go to rehab, I need to go to rehab
Yeah I need to go to rehab, I need to go to rehab, I need to go to rehab.

I told em in my .. come movin' slower than the ..
And I took a ride with you rock girl too face,
Purple in despite I need some lover like a scientist
If we ever took know Miley Cyrus
Started take the MDA and man I think I'm in NBA
Sipping purple sipping y all the 24 out today
Smoking on that California, first thing when I awake
Sound of the wife and go, you can call me Future blay
I heard she lied to hit the flake, I heard she like to sip beneath
'bout to take her to the moon, I'ma f*ck her on the..
Drinking me some dirty spray, I won't drink it in 15,
Welcome to my .. state Amy Winehouse is R.I.P


Uhh, I did try the Miley..
On the witch cause driving it,
Uhh, you say you .. than a vibing,
Drinking you some ..smoking loud in the state,
My eyes wide open I can barely damn blink,
I'm rolling like a 18 ruler than the street Future,
..working I ain't been to sleep in three weeks,
Rock star stead us I'll be higher than the souder like
I gotta blow the stone just so I can have a appetite
Asking up for help a nigga even in my after life
Rest in peace the Amy Winehouse I'm bout to take the flight


Mix the purple reach brighter turn pink
Sprink the molly in the ..then you drink
On your put up on right now off Verbinas,
As they turn up to the ..I'll be leanin'
My girl say I need some help but I can't see it
I know ..and I'm freshin' European
I keep save over my eyes because they real
I would never be so bullet till I'm dead
I blow cush's in my head
I took a .. and I can't feel my ..
I'm in the city and just jumped off the jet
Rest in peace the Amy Winehouse, I can't forget you


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