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Paroles de Respect The Cipher de DJ Kay Slay

Respect The Cipher est une chanson de DJ Kay Slay pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis juillet 2013.

Les paroles de Respect The Cipher ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort probable qu'elles contiennent toujours des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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DJ Kay Slay - the drama king
Time to take it back to the essence of hip hop
Respect the cipher

This is for my peoples from the hood to the state pen
You rockin with the real here, we don't do no hatin
From Philly to the Bronx, Brooklyn to Lobayo
It's on trunk, a fly dude with the alley came
No goons, just me and my kaliko
Try and press me - get smoked like some Cali dro
Born in the bottom, raised in the gutter
Rest fell back, I put that on my mother
Far away from hoops, 54th in market
Lawyer money good, we ain't worried bout them charges
We ready for them phantoms, we tired of them charges
My youngins on the strip pitching like the Dodgers
The same this life of DJ, I was in the PJ's
All black dickie on, I ain't changing pre-dates
The streets on smash, they live in the chokehold
These new rappers pussy, I kill em with old smoke

Every day they playin the base bumpin
It's pay day with the yay when the base comin
The tray makin I tell it's faced from em
Funny how the AK slay but I'm straight stuntin
We might as well get the streets, people got by me
Bullets made by Rowly - they heat seekers
The streets teach us a feature clone for each is own
Glory I speed through the wildest, speakers on
Just leave me in the beat alone
Go back to work and stop then, I be alone
Mailman delivered, I turn beef nasty, deliver... liver
I'm polished, I'll demolish lines loaded,
Blindfolded, it's the violence, commence something
The way the hot list, I'm seein who they with
I'm not trying to game you, PS3

I'm all in love with R&B, anyone that was pushin before me
Is lookin at the ceiling while I'm sitting where the floor be... above em
Figure it matters what they've been callin me
Hit the Frisbees, it's too high up for any arms reach
Fuck em
Get mental privileged youngin
And if listenin is the difference then get in this for me
Then the sympathy is gone as well as the dollar shots
I'm Evan, turn the cooler til they let us out this room
And then I 20 10 in 5 for heavy pedal on the stool
Everything they couldn't check off is everything I do
Have memory of a block away
I made a classic that felt like a big drop today
Why not? I'm from the same spot where all we did was shoot ball and rap
And admired the older dudes on the stoop tossing crack
Pouring henny on imaginary graves
Put my hat on my face
Old school like I'm back for the trace

That's straight bitch, it's me and Wez in yo mid zone
Like to rap for the scratch, fuck the fame and the clizzo
Without a dizzo, hella contradin my hizzle
I'm married to the game, so deep in it I put my bitch on
Quick to send the whole pack in here
Flowin, no action here
See me on TV but I was dependin on rappin
These hoes is slippin, I jacked em
We do, we giving out passes
Take a ride and get yo money before you give up yo package
And I tries to give a phrase 5 times every 24
Coppin 5 meals, I wanna go back and come back 20 mo
All I need was a sonic plug and I was in the dub
Bitches used to hate this
Showin love, now I'm fin to blow
Never phased by the accolades, thought be all workin
You promise swisha sweets, love like me, rip on LeBron J
Bitch I'm in the game and quick to call that 3 inches
Get this mic, I'm blowin the mic
Yea Michael Jordan my feeling

Open yo beers and open yo mind
Then jump this gears it's only some time
Before they notice,
Rollie, it's guacamole in my stogy
Niggas see me and ball a rollie pollie
Fuck makin it hot
Or I could poke it or Acapulco
My house a dojo
Mr. Myiagi sake sippin solo
I plead nolo to all charges
They pop the chargin
Me with destroyin, the bitch the hardest
Now the song go on, this is my target
This so official grammar, I'm sick
Sick as MacGyver so record it
Pill is the illest, now watch me kill this
Tryna keep up, you might be flowin killers
Tandem, probably get tendonitis
When you hear a song you might as well applaud it
Jam it but restore this game
Why you sideline chillin?
I'm the hardest, PI double M, feel me
I'm the hardest
PI double M, feel me

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