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Paroles de Runaway Dreamer de Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Runaway Dreamer est une chanson figurant sur l'album Wanderlust de Sophie Ellis-Bextor sorti en 2014.
Les paroles sont présentes depuis le 21 janvier 2014.

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I could tie up the bed sheets and slide down the house
Be gone before the morning comes
I could dye my hair, I could change my name
Leave it all behind, be free to run

When I close my eyes I'm on the other side
I'm like a hurricane along the track
I see the landscape's wild from here inside my mind
Beyond the walls which always hold me back

It's just my imagination
Running away
Girls gotta have a little daydream
It's a secret escape
It's just my imagination
Running away
Don't worry baby
I'm here to stay

The noise of the city and the neon sky
It will fade with the falling down
And the quiet gets too close to me
So won't you come and bring me around?

Little slice of paradise in the back of my eyes
I don't need it to be true
'Cause we all seek shelter from the darker days
And I know you go there too

Pinch me to wake me, runaway daydreamer


Runaway, runaway
Runaway, runaway
Runaway, runaway


Don't worry baby
I'm here to stay

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