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Paroles de Saki de Mayalino, Nolia Boi

Saki est une chanson de Mayalino, Nolia Boi pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en février 2014.

Les paroles de Saki ont été relues et mises en page, cependant, il est fort possible que se cachent encore des fautes. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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The Government got a voodo doll of me
Try to stick the pants in me
Sky man it's face all him got the angel with me
Bulletproof vase, got Jesus with me
Put the preature on the storm Billie's amaze with me
When I go across the border just pray for me
Better known by the ..know saki
The Puerto Rico's bitches tell me pappy
Is a typical cocaine sillyble
Back prescription last days, now I don't want all that oplay criticcly
Shake it on the floor strip a bitch and get it spiritual
Drug dealers living life full
Fake dealers drive a bit drunk
If I Instagram the truth man I'm long gone
Cooped time man rainy days and the roof rise
Blow a bad fish block a ...
Deep water scuvadiving the ...
..Lino wearing the ...up to the OG's
Sit back, up to the yopung shuters handel that
Eveytime I hear a room I blow stach
For evey hater that I get I blow stack
It's probably way I'm here, keep snooking like that
It's probbaly we all know that he keep look like that
It's probably way they want keep chasing like that
It's probbably way my shoose damn looking like that
He drums on the choppers looking like big bellies
Hooky stick long guns hanging out the shevy
Makiavelly fake the rimes death with ...
All white living good Maybe in time
Bangies on the randels way before time
I mean axe right before bundy
Took the work out of town way before bundy
We don't need send here, fuck changing
We gonna pray like mungs wtih teh cocaine
Duck honey with the miles burn
I feed the hola hood my the hole ..
That things can't ball ?til they all serve
That eco on the phone has to be heard
Grandma use to tell me: ?Don't talk with strangers!"
I'm waving out the ...while I'm talking with my neighbours
My dealers make millions of the pager
My dealers change the world of the pager
Everything it's been pay of the pager
Everything been sold of the pager
Everything been life of the pager
We ain't never come home off the pager
Came upon the sad block
What a children never have pops
What a child grows up and he pay
Me no toch no ..that a pendula
The night was cold so I kept the hit
I tell ém man this is a ..
And to the death of me it ain't no disrespect for me
Espeacilly I took of ..
My young G it gonna lane in flat
We use to play copd and robers now we play ..
But I told ;em be the rober
I see my uncle put the mask on the main stack
Not a hole tell me that they love me
I need motivation but do it they but they do it when the sun sleep
No conversation I do the work with the gun speed
I am like the barbeque put it up if they want a beat
And now I let a bad bitch swallow mine
I'm blind to the broke I see the dollar sing
I see you from the ...i'm a fool I spash glass
Tell ém that homie nigga, I just try to make
And I put up to that time in glass
Get the more hit and the ..
Came here with that jeans we're ?bout that beat
Then bang that thing like ...
The otherside it's don't stop me
Once I'm on top to the
She do it nigga she gonna swalow me
Truth nigga but I gotta be
Both killer got a lot of hit
I won't do to that but they fallow me
And I'mma knoking up and she take a snap
She fuck you but I make the cash
Fuck the white bitch she need to take it back
Cuz yo I am ...cuz I take a bath
My guns on that dumn shit, they dumn clips
Turn around thet dumn clips
Coming on the show like a ...
I don't think they want it
Cuz I ain't pull up to his..
That's a jacket...we strapping ...
We keep the whores trap and ...
Don't get pop with the ..and ain't no creaping with my...
Cuz she'll be on my fool it
My all new young full ..
I told ;em to record that like a ..
Cuz I will bring it to the yard like a news paper
Never be a whore, I'mma tel ém when we dope
The blow and link my ...
I'm a killer don't push me dog unless you wanna be ...
...blood it out we're hungry
They never hang from Bufflo to Mon... the ..i bust it
And I let the some dog feet
..our walls the sneez
Coming from the trees and rock it
We want it all no sneez it like Steaven Segal
Lay him on the ground like ...
Somebody please call the lion I breathing at all
My money still be talle that's no reason above
I still speeding police on the ...
It was hard to get money in a small town
I use to be a broke dog but I ball now
And she ain't never answer me but she call now
And they ain't never let me fuck
Make a flip take a pitty
Post that shit on Instagram just to make her pissed
Want me to take the eat young wrap with bitch
I don't fuck you still in hungry
You deserve a dick ..
Tell ém I'mma baller, now I am a baller
All I do it's keep it real, now I got to rob
In the hood still feed it like ...
I won't feel you fake rappers I'mma make more penny
Make a rapper penny
Make a rapper penny
He dope it and it's all get down with that hammer
Make a rapper penny
Make a rapper penny ..we can spend it

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