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Paroles de Same Me, New Year, New Money de Franc Grams

Same Me, New Year, New Money est une chanson de Franc Grams pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en janvier 2014.

Les paroles de Same Me, New Year, New Money ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort probable que se cachent toujours des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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On top of the everybody, twenty fourteen
Refresh on the one hell of the year
Directly on the one eleven one for the ...
Nothing like you ever see done before
I gave motherfucker a lot great shit in the last twenty five
Before you kill the video
Connected ready to go
No area and no mix tape
It's emotion the way you ever
The way you ever talk about the old shit and what not
It's a lot to address
A couple things to get of my chest
Set the ...what you expect
That nigga must be sick of what you talk about
Not really one chance on the year
I look around to see the same niggas as here
Franc Grams is probably a name that's your fate
I got a coupe noums for some great that I take
Baby the chances to see the .. I promise my...
'til I get greatest ...and drop it
Hundred miles I'm runnin
I'm never worried I got this ...
I'm ready to get this started
..and send it ...full of questions
Must see me flex and my lies
And my time it's destiny
I got my second wanders
And I won this niggas breakfast
It will sleep for so long I success just like their breakfast
All ...poping out like their ...shaking about their...
Tell they ....niga it's something that I expect it
Money brough change but nothing that I regret it
Cuz I see a lot getting once I feeling once I get it
And so damn just live's through me
Enjoy the long flights ...
The one I spend a few ...
And legends says that's a new me
I don't, I don't complain to be less
I ain't said it and this is that nigga that exchange for respect
They pretending, you really doubt me nigga
Making a bet
Just know, Maybe will last if you're maing a friend
No lie, my team it's full of the ...
What is ...come money here and ...
A lot of crazy talking this people and do on computer
But I'm running too soon
I'm just wishing to be sooner
My future it's more then what they say I'm gonna be
Phone calls on MTV and quire every...
Official ..i release to the ...
Please listen I promise to run the show as different
This is more than an ambitions then probably from so more ..
They say it's fool how I play
I can feed my fan...this is purpose....
I mean I know when I have it I go and get it
Whole life on ...well I can do it I can handle
Know that I can carry the world that tell me ...
Thought I make it more but they told me I had more
And now it's my time so don't let no body end it
Lied 'm up so I swear I'm the sickest ....
I do it as I please this niggas will never
Just to ...all I need and they finish for ever
Time to tell this get it together
I kill this nigga in a bad time
It's only one crown
And you niggas can't wear mine
I mean which one of you try to take it
How gonna brake it hard
I got a lot of this niggas I can be fucked with
But then I hucked after this niggas
Now all guest is, through the ...match with this niggas
...get alive for this niggas
This what I does it's a sings for what will be better
They know, but they probably won't let us surrender
Hey yo I went to the team with this million dollar dreams
Cuz I went it to the finish won't get it together
I'm never pop it with the drams out
But if it's problem I tell you when youca find me at
Got sound pised down ...
And my team it's always up this square full of the...
Same me new year, new money
I'm here sooner ...sooner here too funny
Plus they told me I couldn't and I did it
An now I'm lucky to hear it
That I make it and don't complain of how I become in
They told me I couldn't and I did it
An now I'm lucky to hear it
That I make it and don't complain of how I become in

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