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Paroles de Self Made de Azad Right

Self Made est une chanson de Azad Right pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le jeudi 06 février 2014.

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By the time you hear us
We would sure get it to the top
Never stop
Pursuing greatness is my motto
With an Asian model
Complementing me on my cadence
I'm just tryna convince that a company
Need in Vegas
Yeah, work hard, live a little
Be young again
Smile just like us, cause baby (???)
You was busy doing nothing
You was thriving on us
You came for nothing
Now you're Cinderella shining on us
I'ma cop you that slipper to make you dinner
Order a couple of strippers while you strugglin' on my zipper
Fuck, this lick is giving me the urge to go diving
You're like a river, but your water's clearer than Hawai
Over Tennessee's clear, bitches ain't meant for me
Bitches, I love them as long as we have dinner show
I respect your energy, I can live with you mentally
But, most of all, in the bed you give me that remedy
Mix some Haney with some spicy ass chicken strip
Finger licking food and hell yeah, I like my women thick
Starving loving, I'm strictly on the Denim shit
By looking at me, you never know I spit venom, bitch
You say I fail cause I don't look like a rapper
I look like a rapper but most of these dudes actors
I ain't worry about a killin' a bunch of civilians
I don't have to like it, but I feel it for real
Cause I kill it while I'm spilling my emotions on a track
All these haters study, hoping that I crack
Rap fall back like a thousand feet
I ain't even hit my palm, and you motherfuckers survive the peat
Fuck talkin' bout all the rappers I'm bout to eat

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