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Paroles de Set It Off de Realm Reality

Set It Off est une chanson de Realm Reality pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2013.

Les paroles de Set It Off ont été relues et mises en page autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est probable que se dissimulent encore des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à me prévenir par mail.

I'mma set it off, set the chores with a level souse
Several cause needed, I separate with the metal dome
Balls peddle, my kettle flows, a rebel
But heaven shows God's goon
I never cared what devil knows
I could settle beef with one swing of the bat
Inconveniently while your face is bleeding the sound of
Where my manners at? I got by, run reality
Conveniently I'm swinging this axe causing fatalities
Exoskeleton, razor sharp pendulums
Skinning you like Venice, stomping rappers like elephants
Prescribing the medicine that the game need
A trainee ducked behind eight trees and I spray leaves
Bullets that make peace like comatose
Fistfights, tryna poke his eyes while I break his toes
I'm just basically Special Forces bereaving
And I decay for it, catch you solo were you stay chilling
I display it, combat is an art form
So are stars born, you just pussy like a soft porn
With a ninja sword I terrorize the cipher
Let's cut all the bullshit, my competition ride us
Way you light is that I smoke one if you feel the same
I build a concrete system that be like me as I go my lane
God bless Jason, I'mma kill the gang
They ain't heard a rapper that could do it since they heard the Drake
You can purchase hater, pay for common sense
Lying to yourself, you're the best but we're not convinced
You and my dogs who hopped the fence
Fuck around with me I leave you fleeing for your life to provide suspense
This is hunger rap, Somali competition, now they starving 'cause they eating all around me in the kitchen
They saying it's a smooth transition but I spent 8 years tryna prove my position
Leaving all them DaVinci guard them ...
Now beg your pardon, we in the garden, we with the good weed
Rambo knife sever your arteries
Fuck around with me I leave your body where it's hard to reach
I ain't talking reckless to appease the streets
Or front like I'm a G, they just dead tryna play me
Because of my career niggas think I'm soft
God bless the killers that surround me, 'bout to set it off

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