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Paroles de Shot Down de Ne-Yo

Shot Down est une chanson de Ne-Yo pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 02/11/2010.

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You should blame Ne-Yo, the tracking tail, of young player
Shot down in this crime, check it out
Cut it right to the chase I'ma keep it bro
... my wight from that side of the dance floor, sugar
My shoes are stepped on, my great ... are gone, I spilled it
Tryn to get over here, but I ain't tripping cause I got paid for every drink that I spill,
A bottle replaces it
Every chick I loose, a model replaces it
I'm sorry forgive me, I'm bragging ... ...
I've been out of my way to check and ain't
Something that happens every day in fact
Girl I came, remember the last time I had to go get my
Normally they just ... to the truck
I pick one that I want then we bounce to the spot
We do what we do and then I tell I hit the block
But then I picked a name so pack it up and let's go
What was that? What you mean? No Gotcha
Oh no no no, gotcha (x2)
I thought I was the man in the ... of my ...
Oh no no no, gotcha (x2)
I thought I was the man in the ... of my ...

Then momma look, you must not understand
You're standing in the presence of the man
Any woman in here that I wantin
And all I do is becoming its hard that I'm gonna get, don't trip
I'm knowing this is a little scary, happens very, I am your envy
I'm gonin to get you red goose and cranberry, the yellow canary, juice must be ...

Little momma, didn't mean to intimidate,
I can feel I'm worthy of humiliate
I know you're thinkin to yourself this is really great
All momma girls here wants me to get ...
Well it's you little momma, it's you
I forget people early, beein a fool it's cool
Take a ... show me life's good, What ?
I just feel tryin to say nooo
Oh no no no, gotcha (x2)
... in the palm of my hand.

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