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Paroles de Sic Them Youngins On 'Em de Ice Cube

Sic Them Youngins On 'Em est une chanson de Ice Cube pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le mercredi 12 février 2014.

Les paroles de Sic Them Youngins On 'Em ont été corrigées, cependant, il est possible qu'elles contiennent toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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Consequences and repercussions
Understand me
Y all know what I do

Sic them youngins on 'em
Sic them youngins on 'em
Sic them youngins on 'em
Sic them youngins on 'em

Try to go ham on porky pig
Fucked up boy, that's what you did
Barbed wire, come through, straight your wig
Y all can't wrestle with the giant squid
Try to get that to the iron fist
Act all green, I'm hot as (???)
Yarn in my hand, no pinky wearing
Godfather, nigga, I pull the strings
Do what I tell'em, buy what I sell'em
Fuck their master, I'm Jim Hanson
See my muppets, they like duckets
Y all feeling wrong when you see that bucket
Hit that coma, true when I wanna
Get another jar for the organ donor
Ice Cube, nigga, I know better
But you ain't gotta fight
When you got that Cheddar


Try to have beef with a fucking bull
With no teeth I'm about to pull
I'm that dentist about to finish
All the spoils go to the winners
Don't go mad cause my hands are clean
I'm the king, never flee on the scene
Wizard of Oz, if you need a plane
Need a heart? Here's a start!
Don't you worry if you need the courage
Y all motherfuckers know where you heard it
Gangsta, gangsta, thank me now
Rap god nigga, please take a bow
Can't take bullshit from a cow
Don't ask who, I'mma fuck it out
Thirsting howl will get you murdered
Come to the boss if you need some work
Come to the boss if you need some herd
White collar boy, if you check my shit
Get on my sun, get likely burn
Gotta get my boys a pop of dirt
Putting the rap game on the lurp
Fuck with them and I will revert
Back to the old days, back to the old ways
Back to the Ak's fucking up doorways


Try to play chicken with a fucking rooster
Don't you worry, I'm not the shooter
I M A fucking computer, with a whole army of boosters
Nigga got out one piece, five piece, dime piece
Cause my crimmies move like zombies
Wha? Being heads to the 90'
Don't act like you don't know where to find me
Now, if you wanna get by me
Look at all the grinding,
Niggas all behind me
You don't wanna go to war so you start to sing
Can we be friends? Pussy ass niggas by extent
Pray to the God, repent your sins,
Ice Cube ain't like the rest of them


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