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Paroles de Silence Room de Myriam Abel

Silence Room est une chanson de Myriam Abel pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 03/08/2012.

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I'm sitting right in your house
I'm sitting on your settee
I had to make my own coffee and find the remote for your tv
I came all this way
But you're a million miles away
I'm still waiting till you get off the phone, like I got all day

You better wait a sec
Cos I can't connect
You gotta let me in your head

You know it, you see it
You can't get out of it
I show it, you conceal it
But I'm still shut out of it
And I get so upset
It's got to happen soon
Gotta get out of the silence room

I'm sitting with all your friends
We're laughing at all your ways
I pretend I see the funny side but really I'm ready to break
They say talk is cheap
But with you it wouldn't be
If you could just take the time to speak your mind
How much effort would that take

You better make a start
At trying to act the part
Or I'm getting on the next plane


You're keeping a secret, you know it's a lie
You're walking on thin glass you know that this can't last
You're keeping a secret, you know it's a lie
You gotta let me in your head

[Refrain] (x2)

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