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Paroles de Sparks de Cover Drive

Sparks est une chanson de Cover Drive pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 10/03/2012.

Les paroles de Sparks ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort possible que se cachent encore des fautes. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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Happy to see you setting me off like sparks
You ignite all the colors inside my heart
On the doorstep like we'd never been apart
Hope you know that I'm happy to see you

It's just another night
The boys are getting higher
But baby in my head
I'm nailing you instead
It's just another night
Under the strobe lights
Can't hear what I'm dancing to
Just wanna be you

Ohh, chips die, and I'm ready to go
On my mind I can't wait anymore


Them girls put on a show
But they will never know
What makes you beautiful
I watch them come and go
Them boys got all the talk
But they don't a lie
You know my every thought
That's why I make them walk

Ohh, chips die, and I'm ready to go
On my mind I can't wait anymore


Nothing needed to say
We got nothing to prove
No world dust, and later, no winner with you
We got no games to play
So we got no lose
The world doesn't matter
You're here and...

[Refrain] (x2)

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