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Paroles de Stealing de Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman

Stealing est une chanson de Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 13 septembre 2013.

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[Refrain] Gucci Mane
Still getting money nigga still hitting licks
Still getting money nigga still getting rich
Still getting money nigga still getting tricks
Gucci Mane Juice and we still got bricks
Stealing this shit still stealing this shit
Gucci Mane and Zay and we stealing this shit
Yeah I rob and steal I kill me a bitch
Gucci Mane and Juice and we still in this bitch

Gucci Mane
Half a million dollars
Paid that for my car
You touch one of mine
I'll take ten of y all
She got no panties ain't got no bra
Still we at the mall
You niggas broke as hell that's your vlr
Hippopotamus pocket I love to ball
She got a hippopotamus bottom
Her waist is small
Multi millionaire nigga no thanks to y all
Me and my girlfriend ain't got no type
We shoot you big or small
I got on all this jewelry
I feel like Prince Charles
Wrist black man white girl Charles Bark
I ain't never stood in line for no Micheal Jordans
I'm a rich nigga standing and I'm very important
I'm buying choppers for my army
Shootouts at the border
Kevin Garnett earrings look like Fiji water
I got a client who got a daughter
I like her kinda sorta
He want a nine, I take two out
So that's a kinda quarter


Gucci Mane
Man I need some lean call Phil call em quick
Call him now call him motherfucking now It's a bitch
She said she never seen a clique smoke a pound so quick
You ain't never seen a clique smoke a pound like this
Tone four button-down and my diamonds on kick
My watch on bling and your bitch on dick
Pulled up in a truck my H girl got sick
I'm trying to go pass than a New York Knick
Bout to go and get me a brand new Benz
I don't need no sucker standing by my six
Got a charger with a bodykit it bout to have a big
Trunk going crazy man I'm bout to take your bitch
Bankhead bouncing to the bouncing
It's Guwop behind the tint
And if Bricksquad ain't on the list
Many bouncers got a hit
All this Polo on me think it's Jojo in this bitch
And my plug brick so low low
You probably make Meechy have a fit (free Meech)
Gucci arm so jiggy I treat Iggy like Miss Piggy
And TI Yo Gotti and Jeezy remind me of Pretty Ricky
Gucci arm so jiggy I treat Iggy like Miss Piggy
And TI Yo Gotti and Jeezy remind me of Pretty Ricky


OJ Da Juiceman
Still got the bricks still still sell the nicks
Working through the burglar bars
And we still got the sticks
'71 donk twin turbo with the kit
Foursquare pickle Forgiato lip stick
Seven days a week I done cooked 40 bricks
365 boy I'm trying to get rich
We gonna get these racks
What other rapper hit licks
Bouldercrest swag with that Zone 6 shit
Smoking up the cab we on that Texaco shit
Valley boy nigga we so icy clean
Chopper like the biker boy
The cinnamon roll sticks
Georgia Power game we'll kill your light switch
20 14 Nigga still getting tricks
Ain't no putting money in em
Cause I know he a bitch
I never signed a pussy
Rather wear the vest and some bricks
32 ENT Bricksquad in this bitch


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