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Paroles de Still Standing de Ester Dean

Still Standing est une chanson de Ester Dean pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 25/03/2011.

Les paroles de Still Standing ont été corrigées, cependant, il est fort probable qu'il y ait encore des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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It's crazy 'cause you gave it your best
To hurt me why
I isolated myself for rest ..for peace of mine
And I don't wanna think about
All I was given, I don't wanna think about
How you were willin' to come and take it all from me.

But I'm revealed, I can't see who you really are
It's good for me that you show me who you really are
'cause you brought the star down on me
Hurricane pain down on me
Your body, your best win just know you .. win
Here I am, here I am
Still standing, still standing, still standing, still standing, yeah.

I'm thinking of the pieces of my life
But I still can't revealed
Your intentions were to destroy my mind,
Now look at me yeah.
And I don't wanna think about how you did it,
I don't really think that you really get it
But hopefully one day you will see
Exactly what you did to me.


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