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Paroles de Straight Up de Cypher Clique

Straight Up est une chanson de Cypher Clique pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le mercredi 27 mars 2013.

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This beat's a masterpice, I'm a rapping beast
Bout to have a beast, every track I eat
Cause I'm killing it, casualties
From sun up to sun down, the music see me run now
I'm smoke profound, and I'm focused on the funds now
Like jay z and diddy, I'm fin to be a boss
Never take a loss, heave a clicks that amy should endorse
I'm far from your norm but remain calm
Aim is like a weather watch
Every time I brain storm, a rain down ideas
Address the dreams, you must have seen
And we got them bars to make you bust the glean
And the kids chasing paper, I desire milfs
I'm the bomb, now you lokin all like fire drills

[Refrain] (x4)
Straight up, you know the deal
Straight up, we keep it real
Straight up, you know the deal
Straight up, we keep it real
Straight up, you know the deal
Straight up, we keep it real

I'm with these beats, that's my protocol
Killing tracks, flows and all
To the left, nah, I'm always right
Like I know it all
Whitty with the words, got you dame
Now she balls on the kid, got me feeling like I'm chiefin
While these local suckers lying bout how they means went
But you never seen results, like they going through an aids test
Non fiction with my writtens, I ain't giving out a fable
Just my life, long story, from the naval to the cradle
20 years later, now I get it from the table
Fullfilling that prophecies, for the cain I'll be abel
To make it how I can, tomorrow's never promised
But today is in the presence, on my presence you'll acknowledge
Ain't looking for that beyonce, to showing up that bombay
With my main and my side chick, we're lookin like an entrée
The tougher the lesson, the bigger the blessin
So every test that I take, I'm never stressin
That's how it is

[Refrain] (x4)

I got a millie to make, don't go to phily for steak
I go to philly for shows, I go to philly for, oops
These women know what I do...doing it too
And I be killing these tours, I make it do what it do
There ain't no stoppin me, I treat my ladies properly
I'm chasing after paper, everyday is like monopoly
These women jokin me, a couple of them
I'm chasing after 10's until I'm mr t and rocky green
Apollo rocky before they say I'm getting cocky
I blame it on the music or the fact I ...
I'm talking pretty chicks that's sippin on that ditty
We do this every day, we do this every night
My shawty got the lean, we sippin heavy sprite
We get it popping from the am to pm
And if itsn't cuffin season, then we love em and leave em

[Refrain] (x4)

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