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Paroles de Superhuman de Chris Brown, Keri Hilson

Superhuman est une chanson provenant de l'album Exclusive - The Forever Edition (piste numéro 19) de Chris Brown, Keri Hilson sorti en 2008.
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Chris Brown
I have been crying and crying for weeks
How'd I survive when I could barely speak?
Barely eat?
On my knees

Keri Hilson
Well that's the moment you came to me
I don't know what your love has done to me
Think I'm invincible, I see
Through the me, I used to be

You changed my hole life
Don't know what you're doing
To me, with your love
I'm feeling a superhuman you did that to me
Superhuman heart beats in me
Nothing can stop me here with you

Chris Brown
Since I've been flying and righting the wrongs
Feels almost like I've had it all along
I can see tomorrow

Keri Hilson
Well every problem is gone because
I flew everywhere with love inside of me
It's unbelievable to see how love could set me free


It's not a bird, not a plane
It's my heart and it's going gone away
My only weakness is you
Only reason is you
Every minute with you
I feel like I can do
Going going I'm gone away
Your love

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