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Paroles de Thank You (Freestyle) de AZ

Thank You (Freestyle) est une chanson de AZ pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 19 mars 2013.

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Thanks for all the haters, all the broads that went the back door
'Cause they wanted to mix it up like pancake battle
And all the suckers blockin', thank y all
Let me lay this down like a real nigga do, allow me

From the scales jail cells in the drops nigga lasted
When LL Rock the Bells came out, still a classic
Was young, still scoop on the skills to seal a plastic
I'm chill let the feed mails build, I'm still a bastard
Scholastic, studied degrees, about to graph it, mastered
It bugs me to see all the theatrics
Crafted, surpassed it, the street reps love the distress, sleep in a casket
It's backwards, back untwisted, uplifted, it helps to grip it
Any harm self inflicted, specifics, spoken direct in dialect
Design for the minds with my respect, why object?
So establish any status, AZ addict
Hope we're fanatic, put fear in the anguish, miss the magic
Money come, money go, so girls and Merlot
This front niggas funny, though
Hustle in town, get money, fam come first
Stay focused, maintain, appreciate patience, follow code, stack dough, lay low
Lord T linger deep in the roots, the truth is still morally, I'm all in the coops
Move a colleague through all the cahoots
Drag a volunteer, get orally loose
It's proof big boy's better, no getting no slicker
Brought a fish in the mix since I sip more liquor
I differ for ..., hip hop hipster
Puff than a back up, fly bee, box switcher
Police, that's some seer, od her
Top five, catch a nigga alive and no key, blow cheaper, lounge
Pity the clown, one with the word willing, I've really been down

Everybody, everybody
To the people in the, to the people in the

Nobody can do it like AZ can
Y all know what it is, get down, lay down
On the floor, face down
It's only a robbery, we don't make it a homicide
Back to Polly from cracks to molly
It's the same me that stacked them honey racks in Roly
Shot the Charlotte, grabbed my narcotics and garlic
Whenever hot, had my little stash spot in hallows
Born in the Brook' he even got put on a halt
Hate the synthetic coke, it took to long to cook
We're the crooks, I'm here, put the kush in the air
Over real, skin water clear, they look or they stare
Not compare, ... slipped out of the chokehold
Dipped out on the popo, licked shot for the logo
Dough stacker, two dropper, low laughter
Cool posture remind you of no rapper
I ain't done, I ain't done yet
Louis Marx too hot to pop shit
Before the props, the gossip was on my dick
Did the drops, the Tropics and the chop sticks
Order rocks, the main spots and the ostrich
Saw a lot, now I link what I can to my shit
Call the cops, that Glock might be on my vid
This how I live my life, what I did
Love that hybrid, lay low on my eyelids
Live a little, these pigs is fool but they fuck with voodoo
My niggas do you as deep believers, my cleaver do you
Police pursue you, you slip the system, I beat your voodoo
Meet the guru, I've been through, I speak the truth
My features lean through, my heart and my conscience talking
But understand this there's certain niggas they shout regardless
Find a mark on my nip, milk it and keep it moving
Keep recruiting this evolution, peace for students
Keep your eyes open, I'm coming

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