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Paroles de The Vent 2 de Gudda Gudda

The Vent 2 est une chanson de Gudda Gudda pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 02/10/2012.

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Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
Ok, look me in my real eyes
Who would you realize?
That these rappers talking to you, telling real lies
Came a long way from bagging up no addicts
Now I go to wars, and sometimes I fly in private
My heart I let you pick inside it
And then I close it up
Sometimes our thoughts are suicidal, it's time to open up
Most of my homies are all locked up and gone away
So I rap my heart out and try to provide a better way
Better days are coming, I wish that they could bear with me
So all the blessing that I get, take a share with me
They think my life is all great, because the bills pay
But I got three seats that I gotta still...
Shit, don't mind me, I'm just thinking out loud
And most these rappers tramp, so i'mma take 'em all out
When you see me I bow, bitch, your king is in your presence
I'm a david to you goliaths
Cause I ain't speaking to you peasants
I could get you give rap like a present,
I ain't playing, nigga
I'mma change, nigga, but yet I'm still the same nigga
The.. on the riffle, good aim, nigga
Don't give me your... cause I could tell you how to frame, nigga
Lame nigga I never was, I move my bitch better
Cause I've touched a lot of women, it's hard to find forever love
If you ain't... your plate, it's almost time to grab
And we gonna scrape the plate
And rape the bank until our time is up!
I run till I find one, with a divine touch
So if you try to see me or beat me, you better find luck!
I run till I find one, with a divine touch
So if you try to see me or beat me, you better find luck!
Go! is that shit that gave you goose bumps?
Is that shit that gave you goose bumps?
Yeah! is that shit that gave you goose bumps?
You... gutter, trying to move something!
Yeah, shout out my team, man told you!
I love you!
The whole ymcmb, you know
Free all my niggas, rest in peace to all my niggas, yeah..
Ya homie, you know I shout the child out and got a real one
I told ya all be home soon
You know it's gotta...
Let's get it, you know!
To my nigga... I miss you
To my nigga... I forgave you
You heard? I forgave you!
East side, nigga!

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