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Paroles de Thot 97 de Lupe Fiasco

Thot 97 est une chanson de Lupe Fiasco pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le samedi 01 février 2014.

Les paroles de Thot 97 ont été corrigées autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort possible qu'elles contiennent encore des incompréhensions. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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Thot 97 nigga
Masterpiece, threaten these niggas like the bad police
Used the word of God from the pastor cheeks
And you can take it back from the wrath of Meeks
Sir, baptize
Give a nigga my raptize
Metaphor reservoir dog, got cat lives
We can flip a coin, heads or tails my nigga, bet it lands on the flat side
Always be a winner
You can be a mat nigga, I'mma be a printer
You can be a fat nigga, I'mma be a splinter
Top of the world, nigga you can ask kida
Or trees got the paper nigga, timber
Timber timber timber
Timber timber timber
You gotta have principles, skinner skinner
Oh I'mma be the fat nigga through the finish line
Like dinner time and put it on for my city like I'm witnessin winter time
For as long as a what nigga wanna feel it really pretty tittie line
Now let's say I get carjacked
Niggas lie, bet you knew this shit
Got that from who shit ? It look like loose shit
Then they bring the car back like it's enterprise
Woo, turned when I was 18
Have it started when I was 25
Nigga had 9, I had 14
I had the super V but not 29
And I keep 30 in the 34
And I can hit the10 like 20 times
Nigga had the 50's by the 2's
And you can count the 10 bout 20 times

Thot 97, thot 97
That's 100 round clip and I shot 97
And I shot 90 weapons
What they doin ?
Thot 97
Hunned in the chain and the watch 97
And I keep 100 like 3 mo
I'm feelin like a boss like Ebro
Thot 97
The coup brand new but the drop from '97
I treat your top 10 like my bottom 97
I was in the trap house nigga watching' 9/11
Real shit

And see the first one here, better watch him fly the second
These get slayed like a nigga flyin prezzies
Who put the flyest tapes in yo fireplace ?
I'mma tell you now, nigga I ain't even tryna wait
Nigga fore you waste my time I'mma tell you right now
Farenheit had niggas on the fire escapes
Woo! Superman, Batman, space ghost, Mickey Mouse, nigga all kind of capes
In 6th row season, drop when it drop, nigga I don't even know the date

Thot 97, thot 97
That's 100 round clip and I shot 97
It's Hunned in the chain and the watch 97
What we doin ?
Thot 97, nigga thot 97
And I keep 100 like 3 mo
I'm feelin like a boss like Ebro

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