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Paroles de Truth de Pac Div

Truth est une chanson de Pac Div pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 26 octobre 2012.

Les paroles de Truth ont été relues et mises en page, cependant, il est fort probable qu'il y ait encore des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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Hey yo swift, this the type of jam I like,
Real talk, you a Jedi Knight,
And what this let I write, landing thoughts on this red eye flight
Fantasize waking up to some head I like
Such a lovely face, as we campaign over champagne man
I say such a bubbly says
Thumbing back to memories if I could just erase
Hey girl, don't be so thirsty love, pump the brakes
We ain't stopping, no times soon, it's bucks to make
And you better get in sace, we just up the states
When a real nigga show up, just cough your day
She keep looking in my eyes like it's love to me
She keep digging in your wallet for some bucks to break
She keep looking for a ride cause the bus run late
I mean the proof is up front, there ain't much debate
We the livest 3 niggas in the fucking state
I mean, it ain't much to say, we the pioneers spitting not pioneers...

If I got it then my niggas do, that's the ritual
Taking money fast, fuck the waiting on residuals
Hardlys with the sweats, I can show you how my fitter do
2 dollars swishers, situation's getting critical
I should have told you, my yoga broads cook with olker
For the verse we get what niggas get to cook the coke up
Older nerve or pretty bitches when they on the gold hunt
It remains them shuttles worth when I put the stroke up
We go strangle for we both jangle
It's pac div no lie baby, no tangle
If you ain't hip to the game play a hoe's angle
Learn not to fuck with niggas rocking old kangels
It's that white t music killer no label
Swift so fool, like he set the whole table

Through the years I've seen...bizness, groupie bitches
Crowds looking at us like who's these niggas
Real life, it's not a movie nigga
She's bad, but her pussy's like blue cheese nigga
God forgive me as I kill these niggas
God be with me like yo kill these niggas
Cities slickers like billy crystal, with tlc crystals and billie jean bitches
Mister clean with this, mister rean and shit
He talk money then I can prolly read his list
Talk funny when they need Michael can beat the shit
My whole team jumping, he got cream and shit
Prolly need the shit, retweet the shit, then repeat the shit
Cause y all weak and shit, true.

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