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Paroles de Wave Ya Hand de Nicki Minaj

Wave Ya Hand est une chanson de Nicki Minaj pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 03 décembre 2010.

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[Refrain] Nicki Minaj
Wave Ya Hand if you look good
Throw some shade if you look good
Wave Ya Hand if you look good
Anyway but you look good
Wave Ya Hand if you look good
Those them shade, if you look good
Wave Ya Hand if you look good
Anyway but you look good

I tell them bitches anyway
'cause we don't care what none of them (?) say
You can't stop me, I'mma fulfil my prophecy
I do it, I did it, the proper way
I might (?), now watch how we operate
Bottles on ice, the bottles is on ice
The VIP light is hitting us just right
So if you getting money just throw it up in the air
Your hands in the air, like I was your puppeteer
'cause I, I, I, I'm am Zonlaski
Call me Bobby yes I'm life size
Yes I'm humble but yes, why lie
I am the reason why these girls go bye bye

[Refrain] Nicki Minaj

OK, now this right here can get me in trouble
'cause when I say I ball I don't mean in a huddle
I'm always in a Lamb', never do nothing subtle
Cause it's Pink Friday hoe, that's there rebuttal
2 guns up, lets blaze it, lets go
I keep a lot of money up in the Escrow
And when I'm at the game I'm in hte best row
I am the baddest bitch in the pet store
'cause I, I, I am Onika
And these shoes hear me, Fashionista
'cause these don't come out til its Easter
I'm VIP bound with (?)

[Refrain] Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj
Ah ya ya ya yaaaah
Ah ya ya ya yaaaah

Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya yaaaah

[Refrain] Nicki Minaj

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