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Paroles de We Made It (Freestyle) de Tory Lanez

We Made It (Freestyle) est une chanson de Tory Lanez pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis le 14 janvier 2014.

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It's a lot of it, niggas!
Hold your old ass...
I'm smoking it nigga
I got weed, a lot of it, niggas!
Yeah, uh

Niggas we made it!
Niggas get jealous, the owners can't tell shit
Niggas we're playing!
Look at that picture we're painting
My shit make your shit get repainted
My nigga, I'm faded!
Ask all the payment,
Cause this year I promise they got it,
We take it!
Fuck all them bitches that hated last year
I got lazy, cause nigga, we fucking made it!
No, I ain't giving up favors!
If niggas is talking, they're ditching in school,
But is ...that niggas my neighbor!
These hundreds I'm running,
I eat with... and niggas that get to that pamper.
I'm back on the road and I find no babies
A baby, just hit on my pager
Nigga, I made it!
This shit was a movie, I took her for sushi
My tickets for Louie, my chick out of truly
Your bitches are groupies.
One of the...
My nigga booked me a fly
I was gonna book her a ticket to fuck her,
But it only took me one night
And I'm damn down
Head in the Porsche, I crush the Panamera
And got a damn shot, cause I'm the man in here!
Walking with the metal,
Cause the motherfucking devil ain't plan to fail
I thought damn...
Liquor and the weed got me looking like a nigga with a blank style
I'm in the bank, yo!
Every time I step up in your city,
I'm the nigga getting banked out
As I said it before
You should get on the high, you're getting head on the low
I'll be getting the dough, but really getting the dough
I got the crazy movement, and that's chatty to go
Operating to flow, enough finesse on the low
Uh, you can't have a nigga when I'm coming out a...
Niggas talk money, but it's funny till you down see me like...
Uh, everything I'm doing, gotta have it all in it.
Uh, all the more, all the call...
These streets wanna know why you're...
Ain't no doing no features!
I'm not one for answers,
The only thing I am is ready when he is!
And leaving Jesus, I kneel to my keeper that help me spit...
My women left... then spill on designer,
They know I got cleaners!
Fuck with me, Shawty!
If it ain't me, then who else?
We're learning from Merlyn
Don't bite off the hand that's gonna feed you some wealth!
Kill her on the street, I'm preaching and I repeat
No sleep, I creep with my heat
Living on the street with my peep
The nigga might try breathe off!
Gone off the tour
About to go hop on the other one
Tell them fuck niggas don't fuck back
Yeah! Just like the summer...
Said it when I was eleven,
When I put the penance to the .. like paramedics pad
When I pull the.. but he's pushing in essential
We don't took it in the...
Sugar in the cooking session
Niggas ... that you took a lesson.
But I did not hear the woman... with girl blessing
And know the motherfucker in the hood
Rapping like a motherfucker hood rapper.
I swear I should be playing with you!

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