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Paroles de We Party de Sean Paul

We Party est une chanson de Sean Paul pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en janvier 2011.

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Girl ...
Sun up to sun down
And we run the town
Yea we wear the crown
And you dun know how we do this
Sean-a .... the girls overall me
Me tell them (oh gosh man the odyssey)
As the kings fire, we only need one ting ...A lot of ladies
You ....(budda bang bang bang bang)


Girl ah just so you role when me take you at the club
Watch all the girl them ah bubble an tug
Hennessey, weed, all the bottle ah the pub
Girl we party, we party
Every night, every freakin' day
Tell the DJ make the sound play
Sunday to Sunday tis ah holiday
Girl we party, we party
Girl you been on my mind
From last week girl me see you at whine
You and your friend come this time
Girl we party, we party
Girl do let me join the line
Step in to the club, girl at time we ...
You go the ting where me well of the prime
We party, we party

Girl, you know when you step to the club
With the S to the P girl you know what is up
If you wanna give me something
Then come give me love
Cause S to the P girl you know we do bluff
Gal, stop stressin'
Press it upon me
Gal come .. me with you fly in a glee
Cause me know you all lean n' jah jah bless you upon me
You .... done give me the ...
Yow, aye
C'mon baby c'mon put it on me
Bring all you girl them ...... G's
Give me my treasure, you fi give me nanny
Girl just set me free


We set the trend, we set the pace
We take the club, we rock, we done the place
Do bother fret, do worry you pretty face
Just get busy girl n' cause a crazy
It's all good gal ah she we live with this
Life is short we must alleviate
Tall ah this stress, cause crazy people hate
And we do give a f-ck about reprimands
Yow, aye
Me keep banging
Girls keep swinging
When my song play in the club they singing
Sean-a-Paul with the good vibe bringing
So we stunnin' and we keep stinging


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