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Paroles de Why Stop Now de Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown

Why Stop Now est une chanson de Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 07/02/2012.

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Turn my f-cking beat up, f-cking beat up, f-cking beat up
Turn my f-cking beat up, f-cking beat up, f-cking beat up
Turn my f-cking beat up, f-cking beat up, f-cking beat up

Uh, yeah! We can do anything,
Walk into anywhere and buy anything!
I'll be chilling, I ain't worry about anything
Why stop now? I can have everything!
Yeah! I can have everything!
Yeah! I can have everything!
Yeah! I can have everything!
Why stop now? I can have everything!

Now, every single time I get up in a building
And I touch it, and I get it popping, you can never stop it
And I load a gun
I they know wondering on how a n-gg-r does it when a black in every hood
And every suit and then I'm flooding.
Makin every DJ wanna bring it back, and then they're robbing
Making other n-gg-rs, argh'ing when there no food up in they cupboard
See the way I got em spittin' em
I got a n-gg-r running for the way that I be getting on the beat
And I'll be dumbing, I'll be dumbing
Oh, sh-t
I wanna see ya'll do that on YouTube
Let me do a little devil with the flow,
And Let me show you n-gg-rs how I really mix it up
Yep, I'm a slow it down a little
Nah I think it better me to flip it up, (Kill 'em)
Switch it up and about to bitch it up
I wanna see your bottles in your hands
N-gg-r get it up. (HO!)
Throw the money all around until it hit the ground,
And make a Shawty wiggle before she pick it up! (WOO)
You know this sh-t was kinda dead before I had to step up all in the spot and really lift it up (Damn!)
And so I'm bussin' in your head and then I throw a little coke up in that sh-t until they sniff it up
And see you know that when I come I hit it up, I kill it till a n-gg-r... you need to better know that
I can do anything that I want n-gg-rs already be knowing Imma give it up


All right, I'mma let y'all n-gg-rs calm down for a minute
And get y'all sh-t together
This is what I need ya'll to do!
Clap, clap, clap, clap
Let's go!

Ok, come around, see me put it down just a little bit
Ball and I'm heavy ya'll already know exactly what to do
Somebody better get the crown when a n-gg-r spit
Make sure you polish it a little before you bring it to me while I lock it down with another hit. (You all ready)
And you ain't even gotta ask, and you already know another bangers what you gonna get!
Yeah! Better bounce when say silvers like magic
When a n-gg-r's been presto
And if you're really with me, and you're ready, let's go!
Rhyme with a n-gg-r like we on a metro
Ya'll already know my deal anyone, anywhere, anything from the very intro
And I be the most everything
And you should have knew that from the very get go


Just watch 'em close, see how they ball, on how the god delivers
Now we blacking in this bitch, until the police come and get us
Watch and you could see it
Who f-cking with us?
Waka sh-t and f-ck all on the beat and kill a couple n-gg-rs
Oh, oh
Everybody know what the f-ck it is
And then I bang 'em and I beat them in the heads
N-gg-rs know what I do until I split a couple of wigs
And you know that when I got him,
And I hit him from the bottom,
You don't want a n-gg-r, really though
And I'll be doing anything that I want
It don't matter where we at, I'mma let it go


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