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Paroles de Wit My Squad (Freestyle) de Soulja Boy, Paul Allen, M2ThaK

Wit My Squad (Freestyle) est une chanson de Soulja Boy, Paul Allen, M2ThaK pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2014.

Les paroles de Wit My Squad (Freestyle) ont été relues et mises en page autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort possible qu'il y ait toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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Yo, ye, leather on my sleeves, money on my brain
Ten caries on my motherf8cking diamond chain,
Spend ten grand, gave it to my lawyer,
F*ck that baby girl you know that I'm a spoiler
Chain upon my neck, goddamn my nigga fresh
I'm hoppin out the prank, I gotta take the check
Gotta get the money, I'm crossing over seas,
Bitches over that shit city, kisses on her knees,
Uh, leaving condoms in the studio,
You know we got 50s crow groupie hoes
You thought I lost it but I bring it back like low..
I'm talking in the club screaming out no DJ,
Tattos on my face, tattoos on my back,
I put my whole f*cking city pretty on the map,
My name PA, rich nigga talk
Me and MK, rich niggas do these walks,
See us swagging on a place, got the jewels on my feet
Runnin up the flow nigga never grind for the chees
'cause you always fallin' off, fallin' back we're comin' up
Niggas like me gotta get it, every double up,
Never look that money flow, money can we get it though
Coming after liquor store, henny upon the blust,
You're fucking that, hit twice you're f*cking not
Yes she wanna f*ck me, but I never f*cked her once
Chain here for 60 but I only spend my fifth,
Follow on her phantom, I'm so drunk like a bitch
I like, I'm so fly, I buy like a frizen,
Right pockets, see notes,
Left risk, he blow,
F*cking up flamingo, what it's swag like silo,
Sippin El Camino, when I wrap that bitch green though,
When I hear the lick, bitch we call that shit bingo,
Call the bitch and see how we f*cking doing with this lingo
Speaking lots of bullshit, talking lots ahead,
Bitchy she knows this three G got some Tulo in his bed,
I spend a bug 80, nigga I had the shit stand,
I'm winnin and call my mama and my her new Benz,
SOD, real nigga shit, I say f*cking with them f*ckin' rich nigga bitch
Nigga me and PA, on the bakes of the vave
To the round round money, giving day to be made
To be mention oases three f*ck around with this sluts,
Bitch I get money ge a pocket full of bucks,
F*cking with my team bitch, tell me where you at
Bitch she noases three and keep the money in the game.

Young soldier boy I keep the money in the strap
Kick up in your crib, bitch I'm looking for where you at
Head you got them pounds in the bricks, bitch where they at
Riding through the hood and you know that I'm the man
Hundred bricks standing I can do this shit like Tony,
Nigga disrespect many niggas so funnies,
I'm riding through the hood, and I got that chopper on it
AK47 leave em p**sy buys lonely
Disrespect my team and you know I'm sending shots,
Coming through that veny, knowing .. I drop the top,
Soldier boy tell em man I do this shit alike,
Wake up in the morning and you know I whip the pot,
Water wipping yellow break, bricks down the corner
Nigga where you from, nigga I'm ..
Coming through the hood, man you know I keep it gun
Shoot it out for fun, shoot all in your home,
Run up in your crib taking your bricks and then I'm gone
Call the plug gripping out fernessing for this strong,
When I'm with this pack now he say he gonna get me,
Nigga catch me sleeping, I'ma hit em about 50,
Soldier boy, tell em I told the chopper in here send me
Shooters to his empty, killers all in your ..
PA M to the kay, and niggas riding with me
Damn is a grip day and my watch cost a hundred Kay
Early in the morning I'm on a phone trapping
Ten million dollars I got it all for rapping
Coming through the hood you know one ready for the action
And bitches tryin' to send me all, you know I can't trust 'em.
I'm round wit my squad niggas try say we bustin'
I'm round wit my squad niggas trap me and we bustin'
I'm round wit my squad niggas try say we bustin'
I'm round wit my squad niggas trap me and we bustin'

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