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Paroles de Wrecking Ball de Aubrey O'Day

Wrecking Ball est une chanson de Aubrey O'Day pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 23/04/2012.

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I remember the day we met
Fireworks and the world was perfect
First kiss I could never forget
But something was missing
I see our love like a magazine
Playing love like I've seen in a movie
But what do all those bright lights mean
If my heart keeps running

Instead of breathing
I keep holding my breath (holding my breath)
This love is leading us nowhere

You think you can ready my mind
But this is not another love song
Don't even waste your time
I'm already gone
Maybe in another life baby
Nothing you can do could ever make me stay
Cause I'll just break down these walls
Like a wrecking ball
Like a wrecking ball

Woke up with the setting sun
These dreams are all I see lately
All the things that we should've done
Can't hold us together
Someday I hope you understand
I look back and baby you'll thank me
Right now, I know that you can't let go of the thought of us, forever


It's all starting to crumble
It's all coming down
Climb up through the rubble
There's no easy way out
No we're not gonna make it
I think it's time that we face it
Cause nothing's gonna break our fall
I'm a wrecking ball

[Refrain] (x2)

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