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Paroles de You and I de Frankie J

You and I est une chanson de Frankie J pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en février 2011.

Les paroles de You and I ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est possible qu'elles contiennent toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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I remember back in high school
When I was trying to date you
Love .. back and forward
Uu I used to hate you
My name your name sitting in a tree
Running .. school bus you are sitting next to me
Summer vacation playing hide and go get it
Now you are telling me to wait baby I don't get it
Yes so I maybe so tell me if you waited got a .. from the .. control
You want us to split it
Like a clear back pack girl
I see right through you
The feelings that you have
You can't imagine what a ...
Control me set
I got to .. like a computer
Got my head lying down while I am lying on my scooter
Part one of the ..
People asking what's gonna happen
I am not a fortune teller so I am just gonna stick to ...
Cause baby I'm gonna let her do...
The first thing I need is you

Every night
I ask myself
How we got here
I am afraid to close my eyes
Cause it's not real
What the future holds

.. I must see you
Being in the same class
The way through the office
Teacher cannot get the scene pass
First time we really kissed
First time we really kissed
I don't know what happened
Something hit me like a thunder ...
Share the same feelings
Share the same locker
If I try to take it further
It will be improper
Buy a little pressure
Telling everybody is doing it
But I don't wanna stress her
Cause it just might ruin it


.. picture
Taking .. figures
Getting not in just my imagination
So close to graduation
And when you .. to all the things closing after
All this time I .. by the rules
So tonight will be the night
He throw caution to the window .. inside but all my friends
Can't believe that we did it
I admitted it was worth the wait
Soul mates after my .. got the perfect ...

Now it's after college
And I promise it gets better
Everything we need to learn
Won't be told by the professor
The campus is so big
It's like a whole another world
I am nervous you should notice
And all these other girls
I am just trying to reassure you
No., I am not cheating
I am just wrestling with my feelings like ..
I am jumping off the radar put a ring on your finger
I let you make the college till you turn back to the ring


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