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Paroles de 305 To My City de Drake

305 To My City est une chanson figurant sur l'album Nothing Was The Same de Drake sorti en 2013.
Les paroles ont été ajoutées le 17/09/2013.

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Drop down, drop-drop
Shit is real out here
Drop down, drop-drop
Drop down, drop-drop, get it
Get it, drop down, drop-drop

Ooo, 305 to my city
I get it I get it
I get it I get it I swear that I get it
I get it I get it
We did it we did it
We did it we did it
We so far from finished
I brought you right back just so we can relive it
I get it I get it, I get it I get it
Your hustle don't ever go unnoticed baby, I'm with you I'm with it
I get it I get it, I get it I get it
I get it I get it

They don't work hard as you, damn that's so crazy
At the end of the night when you count, numbers don't lie to my baby
Locker room full of money, girl you just did
I get it I get it, man fuck all that talking, take shots to the kidney
Down payment on the Jaguar, your roommate got credit
12 months on the lease, that's a come up baby don't you ever forget it
Connections are heavy, every real nigga they fuck with you
Now shit down in diamonds, you sparkle but fuck man is sparklin' enough for you?


Tonight was your night, go get you some lobsters and shrimp
You smart and you know it, I get it I get it you outdo these pimps
I hope you don't fall, that's you on the top of the ceiling
Don't you ever forget 'bout your story, I get it, you did it you did it
Got a lake on the champagne, your best friend is bar-tending
Your parents sayin' this another phase in your life
They can't wait until it's all finished
Shine on them hoes, let 'em know that you run shit
I get it I get it, I'm workin' too hard let's get into some fun shit
281 in my city, heard you had trouble at customs
Your girl got a DUI, I'll make the calls to get y all through customs
Tell your best friend, "Girl get your paperwork right"
I get it I get it, what's up for the night?


Your momma used to live at the church on Sunday
You just live after church on Sunday
Oh Lord, oh Lord we're not in Kansas anymore
We're not in Kansas anymore

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