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Paroles de Airplanes de Lupe Fiasco, Hayley Williams

Airplanes est une chanson de Lupe Fiasco, Hayley Williams pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en avril 2011.

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[Refrain] Haley Williams
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)

Lupe Fiasco
Wishes that the world could see
From the position of my girl and me
From the perspective of laying on the hood of a car
Looking up at the stars with all the connections cut
Cause when you stuck, advantages vanishes
Bandages on the damages of what depression does
So quest it cuz, who are they to question us?
Beating up our ear drums like Question Love
With all of their requests from above
Press from below, only directions to bus
Thus we laying in the cut on the Cutlass supreme
Looking up at the scene
Hoping it doesn't cut, the fresh and the make up
Get re-fed the lines and reminded of what they mean
The importance of really acting like they important
And if you don't feel 'em you should force 'em now...

[Refrain] Haley Williams

Lupe Fiasco
Wishes that mend the broken heart
Fill the open palm, pardon my flow and thoughts
My departure from the norm, the parch that's more warm
Walks on from the marching of your armies and the dropping of your bombs
The walking on the waters now stomping on the pond
The ripples now a wave
It can't be peaceful with a pistol in your face
You can't beat the people so you picking on they place
I jump to defend I'm wage with a page
My pen's mightier than them and I got missiles on the stage
This couch is for the cowards and stretchers for the brave
And I happily lay upon the bed that I have made
Like house keep, sheets and pillow case
But I don't sleep, dreams keeping me awake
They went up thinking they would never touch the ground
But we gon wish it 'pon 'em on the way back down

[Refrain] Haley Williams

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