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Paroles de Angels de Kevin Gates

Angels est une chanson de Kevin Gates pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 21/07/2013.

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All we go from here, far lead a block
A little money fam but I need a lot
Take a preaches .. but don't lie to people
I ain't never seen anything in the sky
Clean in the ride what I mean and I'm fly
.. bubblin' to decide
I was thinking about any means I could try
I believe and I had
Be a logical gave me a reason to doubts
Game for the things I was dreaming
In the magazine article reading about
Face caught I ain't got to pay for drugs,
Ain't come free with the artificial look
I just do me, let me be me
I ain't all you for much,
I'm with this bitch and I feel free,
She don't demand for me to much,
My sex drive in and all time look,
I barely get it up, tryin to keep with another mother*cker had
Swear I'm giving up.

Druggin to different prisons is the last time
.. and I'll be back just like the last time
Brags on me, stacks on me, travel hard one nation under guard
In the car alone prayin to the stars ..
Make you .. praise me to a lot, come this far enough
Cocaine .. fallin', taking off, throwin money and my niggas youngers
With the realest wishin' you a .. spot will take enough
I beg for you to keep love in family
So yes I'm taking off.

I wanna love you like I do so never .. hesitate
But I will always count on you but I will always ..

Good heart and if you think wrong how could you be right
Phone niggas f*cking the same bitch
She pop a pregnant this can't be like you
You .. the bitch, are you .. the bitch
Simply you bitch no hands on you,
Rubber bands on you, I ain't talking like a stripper,
Pay the dues send raise the ..
Spray the kay, I make you flip
The only reason I ain't kill you mother
Struck to her dog
And she cheats every down your daddy
Tryin to get ..
Then they try to .. the gangsta
I'm someone in partners, those tippin my office
I ain't bout no talking, been sippin my coffee
My bullets is walking without any caution
I'm watching my .. is awesome, get jump of our ..
.. for a gangsta you're doubting enough
.. while I'm record it, she so depressing I wish I could pose it
Miss understand it, but then in the coffee,
Back to the .. and get off, label the offen, lane on my own
I got the hawkin, I am retarded, .. the name with the callin'

Nobody's watchin mother, angels ..
My .. taking my angel
Too many angels you .. I'll be the trust
While I'm protecting some love with their angels
My ..taking my angels, I'm taking my angels
No one's watching but this angel
Too many angels you ..they wanna allow me to trust
While I'm protecting some love with their angels

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