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Paroles de Headband de B.o.B

Headband est une chanson de B.o.B pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 22 avril 2013.

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Already got one rolled up in my left hand
Pussy on my mind, tighter than a headband
Kush in my lungs, got ganja in my sweat glands
This shit I'm on, better than the next strand
Than the next strand, better than the next strand
She head down, booty poppin' in a handstand
I shine bright, I'll give your girl a slight tan
I make that pussy whistle like the Old Spice man
I don't even understand why she'd ever want a man
If she ever throw it, I'll catch it like a cornerback
Like like a cornerback, that's an interception
You think I give a fuck? That's a misconception
Oh, what a night, oh, what a night
The roof is on fire, so what, I'm high?
Oh, what a night, oh, what a night
Yeah, she a bad bitch, all jokes aside

[Refrain] B.o.B
Aye, look at baby over there
Wassup? Lil' mama come here
She started talking, but I really couldn't hear her
'Til she started dancin' like she do it in the mirror
Like she do it in the mirror
Like she do it in the mirror
She broke it down, started movin' like Shakira
Like she do it in the mirror
I chop one, chop two, chop that ass down
Chop that ass down, chop, chop that ass down
All I want you to do is just drop that ass down
Drop, drop that ass down, now look back at it

2 Chainz
(2 Chainz)
Whistling Dixie
In middle school I was getting head on a ten-speed
Gigolo bloodline, pimping hereditary
Black on 28s, it remind me of February
Bet you could fuck with me, that would be Neveruary
Dead-ass rappers should've came with a cemetery
I am so cold, nigga like Ben & Jerry
Fill a nigga, deal a nigga, kill a nigga, obituary
My vision blurry, these bitches flirting
I've been drinking all night, I think my kidney's hurting (damn)
So I close the curtains on the 62
Her ass'll knock your ass out, you'd better stick and move (true)
Chain hang to my ding-a-lang
Chain hang, chain hang to my ding-a-lang
To do a threesome, you've got to intervene
Her legs so sexy when I'm in between

[Refrain] B.o.B

She do it like she do it in the mirror
Be cautious, the booty is bigger than it appear
She speed it up and slow it down like she's switching gears
I'm lookin' for the baddest one here
I tell her like do that there, do that there
You've got to stretch it out, girl, move that there
She bent it over, touched her toes when she took that there
Like hut-one, hut-two, girl, who back there?
Who back there? I'm back there
I could take a step back and sip my cognac there
Picture-perfect body, that's a Kodak there
Now make a nigga feel welcome like a doormat's there
I'm like oh, what a night, oh, what a night
The roof is on fire, so what, I'm high?
I'm like oh, what a night, oh, what a night
That's a bad bitch, all jokes aside

[Refrain] B.o.B
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