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Paroles de Back To Bed de Ron Pope

Back To Bed est une chanson de Ron Pope pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 15/01/2014.

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You are my addiction
The needle and the spoon
There were parts of me that loved you
But they ran away too soon
I am sorry if I hurt you
That wasn't my intent
I will pack my bags and leave this place
So why don't you go back to bed...

I remember what she said to me
On the day she finally left
It was October 17th
We had not yet made the bed

I sat there in the living room
Drinking coffee all alone
As she paced the hallway silently
Til I asked her what was wrong

And she said


Oh oh
Back to bed
Oh oh

When I first regained my consciousness
And awoke to all the noise
I was staring out a window
Minutes outside of Detroit

I bet she's still in Michigan
Somewhere far away from me
But her voice rings in my nightmares
Where she comes to me and screams


Oh oh
Back to bed
Oh oh

This afternoon I thought about
The last mistakes I made
I am not sure what I did to her
Or how I pushed her away

And with the winter closing in on me
I am falling far behind
Like when I first lost my innocence
And then I lost my mind


Oh oh
Back to bed
Oh oh
Back to bed
Oh oh
Back to bed
Oh oh

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