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Paroles de Beach Is Better de Jay-Z

Beach Is Better est une chanson de Jay-Z pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le mercredi 03 juillet 2013.

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Get ya ... on the celly
Cause I ain't got time
To be arguing with your ...
If you ain't really ready

Girl why you never ready
For as long as you took
You better look like Halle Berry
Or Beyonce, ... then we getting married

I brought sand to the beach
Cause my beach is better
You can keep ya beach
Cause that beach whatever

Started out at the Darby
Ended up at 1 Oak
Left the house with 100 grand
Ended up near broke

Don't get mad at me
I'm buying bucket after bucket
When it's gone I'm like ... it
I replace it with another one

Can't take this money with you
Burn this ... like I'm richer
... asking
If the oven's on

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