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Believe In The Shield est une chanson de Smoke DZA, Flatbush Zombies pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 11/04/2014.

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Sierra, Hotel, India, Ecco, Lima, Filta, S.H.I.E.L.D

We are a force you can believe in
I'm just looking for some roll-ups So I can put my weed in (whhaat ?)
Pounds of justice, 9 nigga live niggas not to be fucked with
Roaring, walking in through the crowd keep it rolling like Rylands
I don't hear niggas, not a deadman, all if you think I try to spear niggas
Kill 'em, what good is a witness ? Ah, fuck it, it's good for business
The wolves is here, shit can't last in the wards for real
Just rolled up the blunt the size her arm
The shit hittin' on some triple power Bong
Ah, believe in the kill
Smoker's Club, that's Believe In The Shield (Shield)
I be's in the field, at an moment 30 P's in yo' grill
Brave nigga get a grave nigga strapped and get clapped make a pack or we fall
Fabled to pump yo' breaks, nigga, putting on a act like he scrap till we swarm
Ambush, I'm Ambrose, you gots to respect my handle
Real nigga, and I ain't dancing 'round like fandango

Been the man up in this shit
Body slam 'em, kill them quick
Body slam 'em, kill 'em shit
Elbow drop 'em, show stop 'em
Niggas don't know when I come up in the door
Kick his shit break glass when I intro
When I intro, blowing on that indo
Stone Cold smoke flow essential
Best in the world, I don't care what you think
Fuck y all niggas have a Twist of Fate
Kitchen sink, fresh ass mink
Ooh ah! Fuck y all think ?
Bust em bust em lay em down
Sharpshooter where's the crowd ?
Boss Man run the town
Flossing all around

Major bread, razor's Edge, hardcore nigga take pain instead
I don't know hit the guillotine
Flaming chance then I hit you with a DDT. What you really mean ?
Heaven knows I never back down
Never sleep a ho, make her tap out
Smoker headband Jimmy Fly Snuka steez
Top rop jump off 1, 2, 3
Get the coffin, choke-slam
All apart of a program
So Raw so focused
No pause, no dope shit
No clowns, no joint shit, pointless
Stone Cold got bodies on hold
God Father flow shine on you hoes
Stone Cold got bodies on hold
God Father flow shine on you hoes

Stay tye die like Devon or Bubba
Monday night RAW, fuck a whore no rubber
Listen to the teller, tell her gimme all the cash
Cause I robbed the biggest bank in a Mankind mask
Diesel and some hash, motherfucka DUI
And I'm posted in the sky like Jimmy, super fly
Sneak her into my layer
Then told her to take off her under-layer
Invade her like Vader
Oh you talkin' shit
See the edge of my razor or jackknife, fuckin' shootin' star
Press him if he don't act right, Dead Dibiase
You know I'm bout cash right
My niggas sell dust to buy gold
My niggas sip tusk to move slow
Y all niggas talk shit, but y all don't know
Load the spaceship with the rocket fluid motherfucker

1 year later and the story stays the same
We come in, we dominate, we win and we leave. Why ? ?
Because were the best thing going and we said it since day one
You better start believing in us if you don't already

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