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Paroles de Bigger Than You de Kid Cudi

Bigger Than You est une chanson de Kid Cudi pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 25 octobre 2011.

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These voices ? they tell me go.
Why should I ever go?
Man, I'm so comfortable here,
Why should I head to a place where people live in fear?
Stand off is still really here,
Something they can really feel.
But see, I'll never get why the earth is a puzzle that'll never fit.
I'm not of their world.
So why should I leave my sanctuary?
Man, the whole thought of that is scary.
How do I know that their kind will truly hear me out.
Will they understand I'm flying a different route?
Pose as a human being, mother moon tells me that people need my help.
I guess these are the cards she threw out and dealt.
She said I gotta do it alone,
She said I gotta do it alone.
I guess I gotta go.

You gotta do it alone, man,
You gotta do it alone.
You gotta do it alone, man, go on your own.
It's bigger then you, man.
It's bigger then you.
It's bigger then you, man.

She said to pack my bags dawg, and never look back.
This is something that I have to do.
A hero to save the world.
A hero with no girl and no family.
Just sacrifice as a friend and struggle is the enemy.
But weed is the remedy.
And if you get lonely, boy, you can just roll up a dutch and keep your head high.
Wanna see home, look at the sky.
Remember you're not strange, but you're not the same man.


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