Blocka La Flame - Travis Scott et Popcaan Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Blocka La Flame de Travis Scott, Popcaan

Blocka La Flame est une chanson de Travis Scott, Popcaan pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 21/12/2012.

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This type of shit happens every day...
All dem I'm under, mourn for people, pon stay...
But none of them have the guts to pull out and spray...
None of them have the guts to pull out and spray...

[Refrain] Popcaan
I got diamonds on my blocka...
Servin' to my flocka...
Yeah, that's my flocka...
To my flocka...
Pray to lord on my shotta...
She be popper...
Yeah, that's my flocka...

Travi$ Scott
I'm that vero gamma hussein
Tom crusin', rockin' Vegas
In the garden state, gettin' cake
Could've thought I'm jewish
Fuck, fuck, fuck
My leisure show from my language
Nowadays, niggas been at round tables
Talkin' all that heinous language
Plutonica, insomnia
Put that money on your head
Balenciaga yarmulke
15 when I carried loads of them oziums
And them bag of nicks, I mean groceries
I mean daddy knows ain't no patron in me
My ballad, scottie might sag
She give me head before the ass
And never let no niggas smash
No puff and no pass
We break it if we can get half
Thank you for making it last
Get everything that you got
Break me a piece of that off
Rest in peace niggas I lost...


Travi$ Scott
Oh god
This shit too cold for the mink, 'ye
Bang, bang, bang, my niggas ain't tame
Might bury your ass in that sphinx, mane
Sip merlot, watch 'em make the champagne rain
Let my ding-a-ling hang
I'm a south side nigga with a 'cane ring
We run it, summers we runnin'
Spring and fall jogging be nothing
When do they cuff it?
Cuffin' 'em up as they lug it
The same others, my niggas stuff it
Ridin' through
Rock it, shaka zulu
Blocka your whole family, blue
Bloody, yes, who-ooh?
Ain't you supposed to preach what your practice?
Put a rubber on if you stabbin'
Get baptized if you 'bout this
But ain't it evil to live backwards?
Holy ghost, hold up
Shakalu, blocka you, louse
That's tongue for you niggas who're lost


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