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Paroles de Lighters Up de Snoop Lion, Mavado, Popcaan

Lighters Up est une chanson de Snoop Lion, Mavado, Popcaan pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 14/12/2012.

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I gully gad snoop dog haha anyway i.... come on gully.

put lighters up get high with me fly with me ain't no dividing us east side west side south side north side unified come on and ride with us (x2)

We a keep a peace dance pan the scene east side and the west side come in yadd man in a the place you known we ever clean high grade float true we blood stream the goons them out the girls them out we love the chemistry we making money f%^#7 the guns we nuh want nuh enemy make we do this till a morning until it touch dawning link up when we #######


Snoop Lion
Ain't no dividing us we choose the destiny and we don't need no negative to get the best of me yea love and unity alone can get to me or if a girl need me so if you known alot a love we spread put your light up fi a better day try and get a bite a love ghetto youths stop the war no make no shot a buss buss a bottle make the ##### up yea...


Together make the cheddar show love to one another every man fi live like bredda unity is the strength fi we make it better help you bredda up the ladder love in every country and snoop dogg and popcaan them done get the vision so we all can live in a one bun devison go spread the news pan the television put up lighter and wave you hand so...


This one is about unity enuh gully gadd snoop dogg

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