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Paroles de BQE Barz de Jakk Frost

BQE Barz est une chanson de Jakk Frost pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le jeudi 18 avril 2013.

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I was raising around drugs and guns for my great part
Black super heroes to my hood by ain't cut
Biggest is to dug you when they still speed dummies
For west feel they wanna still that will steal money
Yea, I'm for the same seven year DJ mess
And now I speak on these verses for DJ skills
And now for all of my options, according these less
But I won't fick it six hundred for the former I hass
I turn former their hass to 18 haunters
But nigga bitches in my kitchen my accountant
I turn this eighteen in the forty-six on oughta
Most strippers must feel when they palma feel when they turn up
Yea, I'm FD boy, FD boy
The shrits come on air all pray like I'm lonely moin
Things call me scabby when they wanna get bang up, ah
If nigga's catch a drama then I'll pulling my team up
BQE Barz with the hackers, what the bean jump
Hannibal acting like there is a problem to see up
My life's so fulfill, my soul need to be quont up
Trap all the sounds and we'll stepping my dean up
The drug ain't feel when the soul crack either be
I'm praying all my past of the catches are all back on me
The tracks are bigger, but either my guns though
And that's my best advertisement whenever my finds low
So I go loading next drug nigga
And the next drug nigga put a bullet on the brain
And I ain't stop, just a little mood that I'm praying for keeps
Put of twin and before seasons
Paying for sweep, just for a peace of mind
'Cause all the jury on the bitches that will keep you blind
So flack floes on this level of this worse slipping
And won't fuck around, get your door kicked in
By nigga like me, right on the road looking for fingers like me
With niggas like me, with double axe and triggers like me
The fire and pin retire, you man and RIP
To all love your soldiers, the fool feed my family
Got me when I'm gonna walking on the morning like soldiers
And I will pop mollies, but I do pop shinies
And that level bought to see through all in your body
And nowadays everybody wanna be gotty
I'd rather be like Malcolm, hue or air trap
Brand, this new sell nigga me hate racks
When they say I'm fucking frogs I fall I ain't back
They should have told me to my surely forty-eight back
And if you got a veston, they will brack bags
Ain't they brack bones just for the em pack
This bear game nigga you separated just chin traps
Yea, I could get smell in, but this mean for me
I ain't got air and breath for moment
Is that what you scares?
I mean, I'm a single brave by you
If you want me in air I no more be
This sound is back to me like I like it so more
BQE, this is Jakk Frost, the bear gang general
Bear gain, quick bain.

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