Celebration - Game et Chris Brown et Tyga et Wiz Khalifa et Lil Wayne Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Celebration de Game, Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne

Celebration est une chanson de Game, Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 21/09/2012.

Les paroles de Celebration ont été corrigées autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort possible que se cachent encore des incompréhensions. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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We havin' a celebration, love to stay high
We havin' a celebration, love to stay high

Blowing on that ayo
Breakin' down them trees
I'm out the door with ? on the keys
Scooping up Chris and I'm hitting the freeway
Yeah, got a whole sip of that purp
Got a couple bitches at home with no clothes on
Cause they roll on us, twerk
We hot boxing that Ghost, Ace all in that door
Ray Bans on my face, never know when my eyes low
Smoke good, fuck good, eat good, stay ?
She said backwards, kill switches, ? take out
Yeah but I love ... redbone, she country thick and that hair long
That ... killer, she dead wrong
She went to Howard, her hair strong, her momma taught her, her legs long
She went to college and got a masters, now she bringing that bread home
Roll up

Get high, get high, get high...
Put the purp in the blunt
Westside, Westside, westside...


Chris Brown
It's a celebration, don't let the police do anything
Anticipating I'm feeling your body, hoping that you would just give me a chance
God damn B, just hold your glass up for this toast
My cash up and your ass up, the ones tipping them hoes
And if you wanna roll, have the best night of your life, no lie, no lie
Me and you together girl I'm celebrating you tonight

Uh, yeah I'm blown no cigarillo rello
Loving like Mello, get on my level 101 carats in my bezel
I'm on, like soon as the ice cream truck at the ghetto
Little knucklehead always in trouble soon as I ask shawty her number, fo sho
Yeah I get it, then I bone, then I hit it like bone bone
Now you fucking up my zone, my zone, my zone
Said she wait for daddy come home
Told me she ain't got nothing on
I'm talking no thong, th-thong, thooong
Yeah she throwing that ? back
Hard as a back, sit on my lap
Won't need nothing better than that
That's a fact, that's a fact
Don't act hollywood cause I don't act
Bout my business but I don't slack
This my celebration rap, so...

We havin' a celebration, love to stay high (x4)

Lil Wayne
I pour up for Pimp C, light up for Soulja Slim
Straight out the gutter, with the rest of the bowling pins
Money for days, go both ways
On the road to riches, I got road rage
Got the kush in the swisher, got the ? liquor
Got a silencer on the ?, take it off like a stripper
Yeah, wake up, wake up
I'm going at your face make up
These ? need stitches cause they taking pay cuts
Man somebody tell 'em, its a celebration
All my niggas got guns no registration
Now go an' light that weed up, I'm Trukfit tee'd up
... down, beez up

Wiz Khalifa
Rollin' and chokin', I'm movin' in slow motion, I'm puttin' on ?


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