Loyal (Freestyle) - Keyshia Cole et Sean Kingston et Lil Wayne Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Loyal (Freestyle) de Keyshia Cole, Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne

Loyal (Freestyle) est une chanson de Keyshia Cole, Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le vendredi 10 janvier 2014.

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Just got rich,
Being broke was a bitch
These niggas ain't loyal
Fuck it all the shit that he did!

These hoes ain't gone, I'm gone
These hoes can't do what I do
These hoes don't think that I know it
And you know I had it real in me.
But shit OK,
Take your money, I'mma go my way!
These niggas ain't loyal,
And that's why is the song I sing

And it just got rich
Me and my girls ..to take as a trip
One time for my niggas in the shit
Uh, these hoes ain't got a thing on me, no!
No, these bitches ain't got nothing on me
Oh, but when I do what I do
Stopping me and my crew
I had your back when you were...
I would stare and you know it's true!

One time for my real niggas
Two times for 'em fake hoes
What we had was so real
Oh, let it all go!
Go down the drain
Sucking in my brand new thing
Hit the club with me and my girls
You was annoyed or you fucked the ones you do it again.

These niggas ain't loyal
But these bitches can't do nothing for you.
Oh, these niggas ain't loyal
But these bitches can't do nothing for you.

Oh, not a rasta but I'm smoking waly
Bet she wanna ride it like a...
Is my number one girl coming?
So we can link a ...and make a movie
Girl, you know I want to put the thing on me
The body is calling
Uh girl, you want it!
(I see it shaking, it's true!)
Smoking on this Kush, I might take that
(Seeing my shit)
Me and my niggas starting in the building
Watch these lame niggas outside?

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