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Paroles de Charlie Sheen de Soulja Boy

Charlie Sheen est une chanson de Soulja Boy pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2011.

Les paroles de Charlie Sheen ont été relues et mises en page, cependant, il est possible que se dissimulent toujours des incompréhensions. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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Too bad b*tches, Charlie Sheen, front cover, magazines
Pull it out ..limousines
Two things: Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen,
Charlie sheen,
Two goddesses: Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen,
Charlie sheen,
Two bad b*tches: Charlie Sheen

First .. money game ..
....million after million,
Oh my god, I'm getting' in
That was bad damn when I was a little kid,
I'm twenty one now I'm like 21 mill
F*ck it talk about, with f*ck talk it too
Drop town .. money at the roof
You got me f*cked off, I think I try to change
F*ck that b*tch I think I f*ck a king
All the world stunning with my baby girl
I bought her pearls, she .. on the whole world
Is little dray .. let soldiers to find a sodlg
I've told you I found the black .. is over
Any nigga hate i'ma burn like ..
Yeah you're ready you can ..
Then know me by my first name and my late name
Mister make it f*ck around
I ain't made every .. jump off in the game
Soldier boy ...
I'm .. f*ck you nigga .. you know where it ..
I'm Charlie Sheen too.. you know what the deal.

Too bad b*tches, Charlie Sheen, front cover, magazines
Goddesses: Charlie Sheen,
Bad Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen,
Bad Charlie Sheen, two goddesses Charlie Sheen,
Bad Charlie Sheen, get your acted cover
Or get you check off, wake up to get your money off
And smoke the rest of the money in the shit funny
Let's get the crack and I can tell you about some real shit
I'm talking ..i got money, I got shit to do,
So f*ck the bullshit you ain't talking ..the honey
You f*ck the bullshit back to the ...f*ck the whole game
..up when I .. money and may it rain though so you boy ..
Charlie sheen I ain't pull it on the mouth
I am the f*ck .. key, niggas they .. for the music they've some things
Yeah the dope is in the music you know what I mean
The dray I came harder I had to do it for the city
You niggas ain't pulling all that .. put on ..the city
I pull up in a black..i pull up in a Maserati
I had to do my thing 'cause I ..

Charlie sheen everybody know when I hit the ..
B*tches touch the flow, money in the .. Mona Lisa I'm a ..
I'm in the house so the killa killa ..


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