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Paroles de Cigarettes de Daniel Merriweather

Cigarettes est une chanson de Daniel Merriweather pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 09/06/2009.

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I wasn't gonna drink tonight then I went to a bar
I wasn't gonna start that fight
But they pushed me way too far,
and ooooh ... you would never know,
ooh .... you would never know

I wasn't gonna watch the game

Nnow i'm shouting at the ball
I checked my phone and saw your name
So i must of missed your call
I wasn't gonna place that bet
But they said he'd take the fault
Now my clothes smell like cigarettes
But I don't smoke at all oh whoooa
You would never know,
Ohh whooaaa .. you would never know ooow

Ohh and I was out having fun
I was out of line
when I thought I was staying young
I was staying out in my mind
Life is like an old cassette that you can't rewind
now my clothes smell like cigarettes
And it happens all the time oh whooa
You would never know,
oohh whoaa you would never know

love and sex and tv sets, we never left my room
i used to speak of old regrets
Maybe i spoke too soon
i thought that i did my best
now i know that isn't true
'cause my clothes smell like cigarettes
And they used to smell like you

(used to smell like you)
(used to smell like you)

what happened, what happened oh oh oh
i thought i did my best,
now i know that isn't true
now my clothes smell like cigarettes
when they used to smell like you

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