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Paroles de Devil Is A Lie (Remix) de Rico Love

Devil Is A Lie (Remix) est une chanson de Rico Love pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en janvier 2014.

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El Presidente
I go by the name of Rico Love
I wanna give a shout out to the DJ
Whichever DJ playin this shit right now
He deserve a shout out
And if I'm in the club right now where you playin this shit
It's bottles on me my nigga
Turn the lights on

Still drinkin that Crystal
It all look the same when it's pissed out
None of these champagne motherfuckers love up
What a nigga look like tryna switch now?
I'm just tryna get fucked up
So I don't give a fuck if they racists
They all hatin niggas but they all made niggas
When they buy they shit by the muthafuckin cases
500 for the waitress
200 for the busboy
In the graces bumpin made shit
Waving 2 middle fingers up to the fuck boy
Cops shoulda signed me
When I was 19 I was brought in
Now I'm more raw but I'm rich
Got a car big enough to fit another nigga car in
What she gon call him?
El Presidente!
Young fly nigga that the strippers love
X tip drills, cranberry, Kelly in tab
In the studio like the bendo
Out in Mumbai on the Kerma
Nigga might as well buy a Lambo
Take the top off, screamin rest in peace Nando
Rest in peace Cali Chris
My lil nigga rock it in a better place
Me I'm getting money like it's peacin
Make a phonecall and it's the livin, how the cheddar take?
Whole lot of bread, no cuvs
You gotta watch yo figure
Steppin on the club strapped up, niggas say it's all on but you gotta watch these niggas
Tried to put the city on
But the shitted on me, I'm like hold up
Talkin raw shit on my Twitter
But when they see a nigga they the first one to show love
When the tough guy gon show up?
When my ride gon blow up?
When I'm gon get stomped out?
I see the poker face but you niggas fold up
Went and got a record deal
Signed to myself, put the pen down
And I get it 3-60
So you see the money every time a nigga spin around
All hustle, no luck
Shout out Lantana
Yo bitch, she gon fuck
But I won't call maniana
That's Rico Love
More pictures please
Left hand got a bottle in it
Right hand givin my dick a squeeze

El Presidente
Nigga aksin me was I fuckin his hoe
Oh shit I ain't no motherfuckin snitch
Yea, devil is a lie
Turn the lights on!

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