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Paroles de Nobody Loves Me de Rico Love

Nobody Loves Me est une chanson de Rico Love pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 08/10/2011.

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This is dedicated to all the kids in the ghetto,
It's okay to cry sometimes

But, sometimes, sometimes, I feel like, I feel like, I feel like
Nobody loves me
But, sometimes, sometimes, I feel like, I feel like, I feel like
Nobody loves me
But, sometimes, sometimes, I feel like, I feel like, I feel like
Nobody loves me
But, sometimes, sometimes, I feel like, I feel like, I feel like
Nobody loves me

I'm praying for my sister, I'm praying for my mother
I hate to see her suffer, lord knows I love her
My brother got knocked for serving an undercover
My cousin got a problem fucking niggers without rubbers
My girl says she's pregnant but I don't think it's mine
She cheated on me once and everything she says is lies
My homie's in the pen, he such a fucking crook
I'm going broke putting all this money on his books
My paps is a preacher, he seen me running wild
My whole life's purpose is to make my daddy proud
The hood got my back but is it really real?
They only call me when they need help paying they bills
I'm a meal town nigger so every day it rains
The music is my talent all, but every day there's pain
And main, I feel like busting my led off
With all this pressure, i'ma blow a nigger head off


Every day is a gamble, when daily niggers are gambling
Maybe if they didn't gable then they would be afraid
But niggers ain't afraid cause they figured if it takes them to they grave
Then at least they died trying to get paid
But I'm trying to get saved
And I pray for them niggers on my block
Cause them niggers going through it every day
Cause I've seen a lot of niggers hustle,
When ...cause of the struggle
And I don't wanna go the same way
I'm like, hey, george bush got a nigger fighting wars for him
Record label got a nigger doing tours for him
And the devil want a nigger on the floor for him
They getting rich, but every day we getting poor for them
Writing ... sour in my storyline
I ain't known my destiny, somebody told me mine
Get money and you ...
How you lead a man to death when you know he blind


I be feeling like the devil gonna get my soul, get my soul
Nobody loves me
There's somebody that can help me baby, I don't know, I don't know
Nobody loves me
I'm bout to go crazy going out of my head, going out of my head
Nobody loves me
If somebody don't let me i'ma end up dead
Nobody loves me

It's hard for me to move on, they struggling too long
Hustling forever, niggers still cutting coupons
Money ain't an issue man, depression is a killer
Hard for me to deal when all my friends is drug dealers
Hard to make a butterfly out of caterpillars
Moved out the hood but the struggle's still with us
And I'm a witness, even know is hard
I found love when I started talking to the lord


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