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Paroles de First Love de Adele

Adele vous propose First Love, le single issue de son album 19.
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So little to say
But so much time
Despite my empty mouth
Please wear the face
The one where you smile
Because you

Lighten up my heart
When I start to cry
Forgive me first love
But I'm tired

I need to get away
To feel again
Try to understand why
Don't get so close
To change my mind
Please wipe that look
Out of your eyes
It's bribing me
To doubt myself
Simply, it's time
This love has dried up
And stayed behind
And if I stay
I'll be a lie

Then choke on words
I'd always hide
Excuse me first love
But we're through
I need to taste a kiss
From someone new

Forgive me first love
But I'm too tired
I'm bored to say
The least and
I lack desire

Forgive me first love(4x)
Forgive me
Forgive me first love(2x)

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Genre : Pop, Rock | Major : Beggars Group | Label : XL
Pochette de 19
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