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Paroles de Five Fingers Of Death (Freestyle) de Riff Raff

Five Fingers Of Death (Freestyle) est une chanson de Riff Raff pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le vendredi 09 août 2013.

Les paroles de Five Fingers Of Death (Freestyle) ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort possible qu'il y ait toujours des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à me prévenir par mail.

My phone disappeared, disapenitated
Matter of fact, I got interception, and they had to hate it
My glass is navigated
I walk into the Colosseum like a damn gladiator
Oh, I don't mean for you to touch the Ray Allen's
The way I freestyle battle 'em
You know they got to come through with a Versace salad on the side of the saddle
The way I freestyle, my whole game plan is versatile
They figured I have Versace rims
The way they spin
Oh yeah, this? I just got this from Justin Bieber and his friends
This my homie, ain't nobody on me, can't nobody clone me
Even if your last name was Franco
I came through, my bank roll look like eight egg rolls
I'm twisting, my wood wheel glisten
Diamonds in your vision, figured I had a prescription for diamonds
Listen here, listen closely
Let the beat change up

Verses 2 And 3
I came through with Versace on my handcuffs
Ain't no loud, man, ain't no peace plan
I swing Afghanistan, you in the cheap stands
You in the mezzanines, I'm in the sky box
Aw shit, the white Chris Rock
I done came through, you know they gotta baller block
I put like two chains, Maybe like three chains
I ain't gotta say my face, I ain't gotta say my name
Whole team drinking champagne
I pop like twenty bottles
I fuck like no models
Why? Cause I ain't want you to be famous yet
I freestyle in Tibet, and I ain't even break a sweat
I was staying in the sun, I keep some good lungs
I got good punctuation, I got, damn, I damn near frostbit my tongue
So much ice behind my gums
Who is you? Is you, is you kin to the son?
Is you kin to Antonio McDyess?
That's the way that I slice
Damn, headphones falling to the surface device
Listen, my shoes glow in the dark
I got a glow-in-the-dark shark who likes to play darts

And I'm all a picture smile
I came through with a damn five-finger discount
But I don't steal, I came through, I work the wheel
The way I pop a pill, figured I was from Nashville
Look, I gotta keep it apprehended
The way I come through, I freestyle, got 'em surrendering
They just go 'head, just put your back against the wall
Cause you gon' play the wall for now
I came through with the top down
Look like a eye, make you turn the head
I used to ride red, cran, cranberry, baby
RiFF RAFF in Mercedes
Everybody asking, "Do you tote a 380?"
I don't even gotta have a gun
I came through, swing
I screw up Lil' Yo from the '96, I warn him out the
Man, he always swing
I came back, man, I forgot my damn name, I forgot my chain
Had to go back to the house again

Ay, yo, it's unsophisticated
They had to hate it
I came through, Versace gravy
But I laid it on the pavement
And everybody want to drive Mercedes
Everybody want to have my baby
But guess what? I ain't got no kids, I ain't got no old lady
RiFF RAFF probably never had to do it
I came through with a prescription for codeine fluid
And you know my shirt, you know it gotta hurt
When I swing, it make the curb go SKIRT!
You get on my nerves, all them questions
I gotta suggestion, how 'bout you stop trying to be a piss tester?
What that mean? It means stop trying to be a PO
I ain't on no, I ain't on your salary roll
I'm eating lobster rolls all the way at the Rodeo Drive
I came through, swing, I'm just staying alive
And all my partners just trying to survive
I came through Afghanistan
That boy got about a hundred grand on his hand
And you ain't gotta worry about the back part
That's iced-out, too
I iced out my Pop Tarts in the Breakfast Morning Club
When I was five years old
That boy came through, he just sittin' swole
He sittin' on fours, and I gotta Pacific
You all know that I swung the Pacific, to be specific

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